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Our program is designed to be as interactive and engaging as possible. No formal presentations but rather frank exchanges and dialogues between peers and AI experts.

Take a look at some of the topics that were discussed in the 3rd edition of Transform.AI

Over the past year ambitious AI plans have been announced across Europe, from Macron unveiling in March 2018 a €1.5 billion strategy to make France an AI leader, to Angela Merkel in November 2018 laying out a €3 billion plan to turn Germany into an AI powerhouse.
People such as Kai Fu Lee, former head of Google China, believe that despite the investments, Europe continues to lag behind the US and China while others feel that Europe is on track to capitalize on its strengths. Is the European AI gap shrinking or growing? What can Europe do to create a unique advantage in AI?

According to the Gartner 2019 CIO report, “the number of enterprises implementing artificial intelligence  grew 270 percent in the past four years.” What are companies really doing with AI today?  Where is it being applied, how is it  leading to the development of new business models and what are some of the lessons learned along the way?  

Existing educational systems, especially across Europe,have barely evolved in the last 30 years yet the world is changing rapidly. How is AI going to transform not only the way but also what we need to learn in the future?What capabilities, values and behaviors do we need to be teaching next generations and how do we achieve that?

Data is often described as the new oil and Nielsen has plenty of it. How is Nielsen’s’ team of over 1000 data scientists expanding the capabilities of its data through machine learning and AI. How does this enable Nielsen to better serve its customers, provide them with meaningful insight and drive new business opportunities? What can we learn from Nielsen?

In 2011, the world was amazed to discover IBM’s Watson computer succeed at  winning against the most successful human contestants on the game show Jeopardy.   Many then expected to see AI just as quickly disrupt the business world.  Almost 10 years later, it seems that the technology is just now starting to find its place in enterprise.  A discussion with Manoj Saxena on the ‘so hows’ to make it happen.

According to Stanford Medicine’s Health Trends Report,one of the greatest forces behind the transformation of Health Care is data and France has a lot of health data. What could the future look like and what does it take to get there

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