JUNE 14–15 2018


First European conference
on Artificial Intelligence
designed for C-level executives
Our mission is to help organisations succeed in the era
of artificial intelligence and provide a thought leadership platform to explore the business and strategic implications of the cognitive technologies.

The first edition of Transform.AI took place in Paris in June, 2017. During the event, senior leaders had the opportunity to engage with AI experts in an intimate environment to better understand Artificial Intelligence, its future potential and the changes required to make their business successful in a new landscape.
We welcomed some of the
leading AI experts in the world in 2017.
Alejandro Valenzuela
CEO, Banco Azteca
Andrew McAfee
Principal Research Scientist, MIT
Ben Evans
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Paul Daugherty
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Accenture
Mark Sagar
CEO, Soul Machines
Norbert Wirth
Managing Director, SUPERCRUNCH by GfK
Laura Merling
Vice President Digital Services,
Ford Motor Company
Andrey Sebrant
Product Marketing Director, Yandex
Jacques Bughin
Director, McKinsey Global Institute
Our program is designed to be as interactive and engaging as possible. No formal presentations but rather frank exchanges and dialogues between peers and AI experts.
Thursday June, 14
16:00 Registration and welcome coffee
17:00 Welcome remarks
17:10 Sessions
19:30 Cocktail reception

Friday June, 15
09:00 Welcome remarks
09:10 Sessions
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Workshops
17:00 Closing remarks
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Photo by Anna Teplova / Yandex @ 2017 Transform.AI edition